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During the last trip I made to the Easter meeting, I used Skins. Just to see how it would work out, I kept them wearing day and night from Friday till Monday evening. I was sweating like a horse during the 230 km. bicycle ride on Friday and of coarse the same situation on Monday when I had to do the same to get back home. The three nights in between I slept with the Skins and a merino wool sweater in my down sleeping bag. It was freezing cold inside my tent.

When I came home after those intensive days I did not shower without asking the girls how I was smelling…….. Because I knew from experiences before, that I can’t smell my own disgusting synthetic odour nuisance caused by the formation of mould. Every cyclist is slowly used to his own smell and doesn’t realize he stinks like hell ! It’s quite normal because the small parts of old skin that human loose constantly, are a perfect breeding ground with the perfect temperature and moistness for the famous fungus smell……………            But the girls with their highly sensitive noses found it quite acceptable ! So the silver threads that are woven in the Skins did their job (although I am not able to see them).

Sleeping with Skins gives no problem at all. After a while I wasn’t even aware that I was using them. The merino wool sweater did irritate me though, because it was turning around me as a corkscrew….. The Skins are behaving just as a real second skin ! Because of the “spandex”- effect they gave me a feeling that they kept my muscular tissue “together” and it was a relaxing feeling , but I think it is more a matter of thought than reality. But nevertheless, thoughts are important too !

I didn’t have the opportunity to find out if the Skins keep me warmer when cold and cooler when warm. The conditions were not suitable for testing those claimed properties. I found out though that Skins is drying as quick as your own skin, it doesn’t hold up my sweat. So I think it is behaving just as the Black Bear and Odlo underwear (also uses silver threads) that I usually use on a long bicycle tour. I will find out when temperatures are rising the next few weeks……..

So far I am satisfied with my Skins. I am glad; they are too expensive just to play around. I think that Skins is a high quality spandex with the corresponding high price.

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  1. I don’t think so. Because the smell keeps away for a longer period, you don’t wash them as often as the normal cotton shirts. And since they do not hold up water like cotton or wool, they dry faster ; so washing (not in a machine but by hand with high temperature)is easy and quick. I think that the drying machine is the enemy for these products ! Simple biological soap and high temperature (about 70 Celsius) will kill the smelly mould. When you wash it by hand with those temperatures , you automatically rinse it careful 😉
    Of coarse the colour will change a bit when washing at high temperatures, but I don’t care about that..


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