the changing climate

I often consider memes have the same function as photos … they tell more than a thousand words. During discussions on climate change and energy transition that I have with friends and colleagues, I often think of memes I’ve seen. It strikes me that the meaning of words and concepts is slowly but surely changing.Continue reading “the changing climate”

Progressive International

It’s time for progressives of the world to unite ! The time has come for progressives to form a grassroots movement for global justice: to mobilize workers, women and the disenfranchised all around the world behind a shared vision of democracy, prosperity, sustainability, and solidarity. Our Progressive International will reach out to communities in everyContinue reading “Progressive International”

you don’t see them often anymore …

I think this kind of beautiful plants should be found in every garden.     In Western Europe there are far too many gardens with only grass and paving. “Neat,” is how the people judge about their “garden”.     Fortunately I am in possession of a natural garden with lots of colorful plants, fruitContinue reading “you don’t see them often anymore …”

de Kaloot

De Kaloot is a beach next to the power plant in Borsele. A clean-up campaign had been organized, to which Marjan wanted to participate.   A simple Facebook call was enough to gather enough people.     I tried to make a photo report.     Especially the very small plastic particles are disastrous forContinue reading “de Kaloot”