maiden trip from Dronten to Vlissingen

I ordered a Quest at and found out that I was supposed to wait for three years according to the order-list. Luckily it took only two years in practice, because many buyers order their second, third or more quests for a certain year. So when cleaned up their order-list it showed mine to be delivered in October 2007.

The drive-train has the 56/42/30 combination in front and a 11-12-13 — 28 combination at the back. I wanted a 65 chain-wheel at the front, because I have one on my Zephyr now, but it is only possible in combination with just two chain-wheels. That would take away the possibility of riding steep hills and therefore I followed Ymte’s advice to start with the original concept.

The indicator (flashing light) is working fantastic ! I have to get used to it, but in the crowded city of Utrecht people were loudly saying positive things about this system. I couldn’t do without the second rear-view mirror ; I also mounted two of them on my Zephyr. The right mirror is needed special in occasions when you’re riding on a bicycle-path on the left side of the main road.

I was specially surprised with the inolight 20+ . It is a wonderful light system on normal bikes, but the way made use of it in their quests beats everything ! With use of a handle and cable you’re able to tilt the light up or down. So normally when the light is out of use, the lamp is tilted upwards so it doesn’t disturb the aerodynamic form of the bike. When the light is in use, you can tilt the lamp-house into it’s best position, for not blinding oncoming traffic. I used this novelty also to lighten the roadsigns in Zeeland, because they are normally attached 2.5 meters high on poles.

In Dordrecht I remembered a tip from someone, when I couldn’t reach the push-button for activating the traffic-light. I used the bicycle-pump!

I made 277 kilometers to get home where I arrived about 2 hours after midnight. The battery pack worked from 18.00 till 01.00 and then it only was a “glowing nail”. I am happy that I chose to buy a second battery-pack at delivery.

The quest has a electric horn and I tried it two times when riding in the busy traffic in Utrecht. It didn’t have any effect; I think because people think that it can’t be a bicycle making that sound. When I used the simple bicycle-bell it had a better effect.

The scenes in the short video are made alongside the N305 near Dronten, near Eemnes, Park de Utrechtse Heuvelrug, alongside the Lek near Lexmond and beside our house (the following day).

I own an old GPS V from Garmin. I didn’t use it for about 2 years and now was the day to make it alive again…….. But he didn’t find any satellites! Because I am quite sure the satellites are still in the sky, there has to be something wrong with the antenna. Anyway, for planning the route I used the route-planner made by the Dutch Cyclist Union. It worked out well. In a quest you’re able to hold the printed paper easily in your hand while cycling at the same time. There is no riding wind to make a mesh of it!

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  1. I too have a GPS V and I had the same problem. In my case it was a poor contact between the plug on the antenna and the socket on the rear of the unit, [both screen and centre conductor]. If you unplug the antenna [ to do this, you need to rotate the antenna so that when looking at the front of the unit with ‘GARMIN’ below the display is upright], the antenna is pointing downwards. With the antenna unplugged, you may then carefully bend the outer ‘screen’ in the antenna plug and inner contacts on the unit socket. Be very careful, because these contacts are fragile and may not survive repeated bending. I hope this helps!
    I like the website!


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