Earth houses do exist !

While surfing on the Internet, I stumbled on the beautiful page of Vetsch Arcitektur. He designed some Earth Houses. When I saw the photos of these houses I realised that I wanted to build something similar many years ago …….

But everyone was just smiling when they heard about my fantasy. We spoke to an architect who was known in the small world of “environmentally conscious, ecological and progressive architecture, but he recommended to use wooden structures because he thought earth houses would never pass the Dutch official government committees. That was the main reason we decided to build our house with wooden logs from Finnhouse. In those days (11 years ago), Internet was in its early period, and therefore I wasn’t able to show the controlling governement-officials the earth house photos designed by Vetsch.

So we started to build a house with use of wooden logs ;

in 1996

and in 2000 ;