photos and video “oliebollen”-tour

I didn’t take my video-camera with me, so I took some short videos with the old Canon Powershot. Edited with Windows Movie Maker, because all my old editing-programs don’t seem to work on this Vista-notebook.

Some photos ;

I get the impression that a photo-camera is a standard component in a velomobile 😉

For the first time I saw the “shark”-quest  !

The first “ladybird”-quest.

the “flowerpower”-quest


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  1. Hoi Wim,

    Mooie film + foto’s. Ben zelfs zo vrij geweest om jouw foto bij mijn – gegevens te zetten.

    Ik vond het gezellig om je weer eens live te zien en ik weet zeker dat onze wegen elkaar nog wel vaker zullen kruisen.

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Bram van Uden


  2. Hey Wim, hey Bram (commenting before me 🙂 ),

    I see you’ve had a wonderful time at the Almere velomobile meeting and I’m impressed by a 305 km return tour in winter time even though it was mostly flat … respect!
    I didn’t see Bram’s nice new lady beetle style in the videos I’ve watched on YouTube last night, but now I see that he’s participated from your pictures.
    Nice posting, nice pictures, thanks for keeping every1 updated and enjoy cycling again with your Quest love 🙂


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