new tyre

After two flat tubes in one week I decided to buy a new Schwalbe “Big Apple” for the rear tyre of my Quest. The old one made 6000 commuting-kilometers, without any problems.

The front wheels have “Marathon Plus” tubes and did the same 6000 km. They don’t show too much wear and neither take any sharp objects from the roadsurface.

new tyre, originally uploaded by wim harwig.

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  1. No only the two punctures in the last week. I use my velomobile the same way as others use their car. I get in and go cycling. When I used “Vredestijn HPV” (slicks) I had to inspect the tyres every day to remove the small sharp stones. But nowadays with the Marathon Plus and the Big Apple I do it once every month.
    The Marathon Plus are always “clean”, but the Big Apple had gathered some small stones since the last 2000 km or so.


  2. Wim

    Let me know how well the 2.35 Big Apple fits.

    What do you think about running a knobby tire during the winter months? The Marathon Supreme on the rear of my Quest does not work all that well in snow.


    1. I don’t have any trouble with snow on my commute, because here in the Netherlands all cycle paths are brushed clean during winter circumstances.
      I demand absolute puncture-free tires, since I hate it when I am sweaty and have to get out of my velomobile in the cold wind or rain. There fore I now use a Marathon Plus on the rear wheel but only a wider model than on the front wheels.

      If I had difficulties in the snow , I would try the Furious Fred. Some say that is the best in such circumstances.
      or in Dutch;


  3. That is the trouble here. We had one big snow storm last winter and it was well over a month before the cycle paths were completely cleared and safe to ride. I was told by one official that they would be cleared when the temperatures went up. Another said that the cycle paths were just not a priority. I rode the road ways with the cars all winter long. We are 40 years behind where you are in the Netherlands.


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