Marathon plus

The blue coloured “anti-flat” stuff came peeping through, so I decided to buy a new set for my front wheels.

They did 10,000 kilometers and since a marathon is 42 km, the “plus” must be standing for about 19,958 kilometers 😉

Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres are made in Indonesia; so must be good stuff, because a lot of relatives live there !

Not a single flat during the 10,000 kilometers ! So I’m satisfied. While I was changing the tyres, I noticed I had to renew a broken spoke. It’s easy to renew a spoke of a Quest. I never had to dismantle the wheel for this job. A year ago I ordered about ten spokes at and I had to renew 4 till now. I think that’s OK…….  The front wheels get a lot of force sideways.

During the wear and tear of the tyres, I didn’t adjust the Cateye set-up. So the new tyres with their larger circumference will have a negative effect on my speed ………..  ;-(

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    1. About 1,5 km/h less speed (I think) With use of slicks 39 km/h and with these Marathon Plus 37 to 37,5 km/h.
      But you have to be aware that I stopped inspecting my tyres for little sharp stones every day. Not important if you’re only racing on a race-track, but very comfortable if you’re a commuter.
      And in the last 10,000 km never a flat tyre 😉


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