450 t

It took a long time, but I own a new GPS now. I choose for the Oregon 450t, a new model made by Garmin. together with the City Navigator Europe NT and the Routable Topographical Map Benelux.

The Garmin manuals are bad, very bad. They remind me of the days I was too young to die old and worked as an engineer on merchant ships. The manuals for the US-made instruments where incomprehensible.  I don’t understand how the US-troopers can work with these machines when they have to depend on such bad manuals.

So, after many hours of trying and testing (in the middle of the cold and dark night behind my laptop) I think that I understand how it works.

I’ll use the topographical map when I’m riding in my velomobile and the City Navigator when driving in my motorhome or car. It’s easy to change profiles on the Oregon 450t.

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