weight ?

My velomobile had trouble with winter-obesity. Because temperatures are rising, I took all the winter-stuff out. 2 pair of gloves, caps, sweaters, etcetera.

Now it’s about 3 kilo’s lighter and what I like even more ……. I have much more freedom of movement for my elbows !

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  1. I am taking my Quest on a one day, 209 km ride.

    I will carry a windbreaker, an extra jersey, a thermos of hot coffee, tubes, tools, pump and enough energy food and snacks to carry me the whole way along with two Camel Backs full of Cytomax.

    What do you carry for a long journey?


    1. One of the great advantages of a quest is that there is enough space to carry whatever you think you need. At the same time this is one of the drawbacks because you have to transport all the weight . 😉
      From the area where I live, it takes about 209 km to reach the first steep hills 😉


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