concert George Dalaras

We have been to the concert of George Dalaras in the Heineken Music Hall. Dalaras is one of those womanizing guys everybody recognises from a sunny day at the beach; a somewhat shy boy playing with a guitar and singing simple songs. All beautiful woman feel attracted to them, but these guys just keep on playing with their simple guitar. Although the beautiful Despina Olympiou was singing at her best, George always kept minimal 3 meters between him and Despina. Maybe because he didn’t like her singing (like us).  It was clear that the Heineken Music Hall was overloaded with middle-aged “blond” women ……….  What is it that makes a man a womanizer ? Leonard Cohen is another example.

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concert at Heineken Misic Hall in Amsterdam

I never heard of Michalis Tzouganakis before, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was prepared to listen to a womanizer, but thanks to Michalis there was some good rhythm and music added to the concert of Dalaras. And he certainly  was no womanizer, but as they say; the “Jimmy Hendrix of the lute-players” .

Of course I made two short impressions on video ;

After the concert I went home with my “blond”.

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