Damn, it is RED!

I wanted a Red Bullitt and called the only dealer of this bike in Holland ; Cyclomail in Leiden. Basically they started a company for bike messengers a few years ago, but their love for the Bullitt made them start a dealership for this marvellous bike too. I decided to use the full service of Cyclomail and so Remy delivered the bike at my home where he assembled it in my garden. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there, for I had my early shift at work. But Remy did a fine Job ! Even our dog wasn’t nervous because Remy knew how to handle Shepard dogs.

So now I have Bullitt-number 48 in the Netherlands ! There are a few things that need to be assembled, like the billboard and a large box, and also I want a front-wheel with a hub dynamo which will be delivered soon.

The Red Bullitt shows and feels a lot of quality !

And the result ;

And Marjan took the first ride !

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  1. WOW! I love it. I hope I have the chance to see it when we come next autumn to Holland (and see Jes, Rea and Marjan as well). ;-0


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