No “oliebollentocht” for me

I planned to join the “oliebollentocht” this year. Had to work a few night-shifts till 27 december and thought that I would be able to make the trip to Tilburg, visit family in Eindhoven after the tour and return home the next day.

But it turned out  that my body had other plans.  After the last night-shift I went to bed with a fever and slept for 12 hours. So now I’m waiting in front of my computer for the first photos and videos of the event. Till then, I’ll watch a Christmas present that I got from Santa; “De hele teringzooi van De Tegenpartij“.

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  1. Wim

    That is sad that you will miss it but when ones body speaks you have no choice but to listen.

    Rest up and get well.

    I too await the reports, photos and videos of Oliebollentocht.

    All The Best and a happy New Years to You and Yours.



  2. Natuurlijk jammer Wim, je had je er zo op verheugd! Maar ik denk dat je geen tijd hebt voor tranen als je die dvd bekijkt. Fijne dagen nog en een gezond en een gelukkig niejjaor!


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