Christian Science Test

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  1. Wim

    My mom was British. Private girls schools her whole academic life. Very well educated. My dad was from rural Kentucky. He never made it out of 8th grade.
    He was in England as an American solider, apart of the D-Day force.
    He was a very handsome young man and quite the bullshitter.

    They were married long enough to have 3 kids. My dad went back to Kentucky and my siblings and I were raised by our mom in Washington DC.

    My dad’s second wife, my step mother, was also from Kentucky, smack dab in the middle of the bible belt. She would say that if it wasn’t in the bible it wasn’t worth knowing. She also said that if the bible said the sky was green, it was green. Regardless of what ones eyes and the facts would tell us.
    This is pretty typical with a lot of Americans. Dangerous mentality. I would suggest serious quarantine for the lot of them.

    What I’m saying is that such a test is not all that farfetched with some of the folks in this country.


    1. Thanks for your comment; I like these personal short stories …
      Here in the Netherlands is a bible belt too. A few days ago I heard a man (who advocates nuclear power energy) say that the earthquake in Japan is a first sign of Armageddon ……
      Unfortunately the humor in this post shows an essential problem; in real life people who make decisions of great importance, still believe in Santa Claus ……


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