The weather was superb. I arrived Friday late in the evening and left on Monday.  I enjoyed seeing all the men and women being busy with their “recumbent business”. I bought some newspapers and took all the time I had, to read them from A to Z.

At the campingsite I found out that I took the wrong tent with me. This synthetic tent is already 24 years old and out of use because it isn’t rainproof anymore. But it did fine; must be the quality of Fjällräven.

While reading all the “news” in front of my little tent, I was able to put in perspective all the troubles I had to deal with the last couple of weeks. Particular the visit to the National Open Air Museum I made on Saturday gave me much inspiration. I advice everybody to pay a visit to this museum ! There you’ll find a way to put things into their proper context.

This is a photo I made in the  open homestead; “lös hoes“.

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