I failed …

… to reach Hoorn. Not because I was too tired, or wasn’t in good shape. I had troubles with my skin around my genitalia. It was soft and sweaty, so that the skin turned red and became very very painful. I used some lip-balsam (I always have it inside the Quest) but it worked only for a few minutes. Anyone has good advice, please ? Standing at the ferry to Velsen-Noord, I decided to turn around and go back home. I arrived back home at midnight and had done 375 km. according to GPS and 402 km. to Cateye.

It was a good ride, I saw many cyclists on my route. Unfortunately I felt a headache coming up (due to the exhaust gasses ?) but it quickly disappeared when I cycled through the Dutch dunes with clean and clear sea-air.

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A short impression on video of the speed bumps between Kijkduin and Scheveningen.

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  1. Hi Wim,
    It’s a pity that you did not manage to reach us in Hoorn. On the other hand it is a major achievement to ride that long distance on one day.
    Best regards,
    Wim Schermer


  2. It’s a bit an old mans problem. 😉 Irritated skin. Nobody talks about it but almost every long distance cyclist has it. It’s even worse with upride cyclist..
    Older men are leaking some urine sometimes…..keeps it wet and moist.

    Just wash and dry it at least ones every 24 hours if you can. Always before you have complains. If you can where clean underpants.
    Lip-balsum is no good in my opinion. It’s is made of vasaline. That’s to sticky. It will rub your skin even more. You want oily stuff. Nivea Cream something like that. But it only works in advance. When your skin is already red nothing will help. There is artificial skin (sealskin) to relieve the pain of rubbing cloths in the open wound. A sort of big blister plaster. But you have to clean it first with water before you stick it on. It will not stick and the closed in salt of te sweat will keep irritating.

    When I make a long distance journey I wear underwear of Craft.
    I am not used to wear boxershorts so I were my normal slip over it.
    The Craft shorts has no thick joints at that place that can rube against your skin.

    The headache is probably the first sign for leak of water. You blood becomes too thick. Stop, take a long break, eat something like dry cookies or salt Tuc en drink with small quantity in half an hour our longer, at least one bidon water clean water. No sportsdrink! No bubbles. No alcohol. That will hide you to the ground and let’s you hart go creasy.
    Don’t sit down, unless with you legs up. Try walking around, let you blood flow. Keep drinking.
    When you are not pissing you have’d drunk enough. Also when your piss is dark (brown) and smelly too. It must by orange.

    Nice talk what?


    1. Hello Theo,
      Thanks for the good advise ! I was aware of the need for regular drinking. I learned that in the ninety’s when I did some randonneur-brevet’s like the 200 and 300 (Ossendrecht). I am quite certain that my headache (migraine) was caused by the combination of bright sunlight and exhaust gasses. Every time when I travel around Rotterdam (even when I’m in a car) I feel a rising migraine. Of course I use sunglasses (Serengety).
      Via Facebook I also got an advice from Robert L. ; he recommended to use Dettol hygienic tissues and Assos chamois. And he is a real expert ’cause he is an ultra-randonneur, with some important DNF’s ….

      And maybe you recognize that feeling I have today (the day after and no more irritated skin due to the best balsam my wife had in her medicine chest); “I shouldn’t have gone back home ! I should have finished my goal …” I’m sure that if I was accompanied with some other randonneurs, they would have talked me to Hoorn ! You yourself have done a few brevettes , so maybe you would be the guy who would help me by saying “Hé ouwe druppelaar ; DOORFIETSEN !” …..
      But unfortunately I hate to get stamps (to “prove” the distance) so I cycle on my own and therefore make these kind of decisions alone.

      You’ve made it perfectly clear; I’m an old man …. too old to die young.


    1. About six were still there, and although my Quest was not heavily loaded (90 kilo for me, plus 12 kilo in the luggage compartment) the chain-tunnel hit the top of the bumps ….


  3. The only good product you can use for irritated skin is INOTYOL.
    Available in every pharmacy in Belgium


    1. It’s a good tip. But INOTYOL is for irritated skin healing.
      It will not prevent blistering or irritating. But still it’s a good medicin. I use Zinkzalf when I come home.


  4. Hoi Wim,
    We hebben aan je gedacht op die bewuste dag. Lekker weer maar wat warm om zover te fietsen. Leuk dat je zoveel goede adviezen kreeg van mede Questers. Efkes uutblaozen maor! Groeten,
    Wim en Hetty


  5. Hallo Wim, leuk je weer eens te lezen. Ik kom hier veel te weinig.
    Tegen schuurplekjes gebruik ik zinkzalf, niet het babyspul maar de zalf uit de apotheek: een stugge zalf met een hoog gehalte aan ZnO2.


    1. Bedankt voor de tip Theo ; maar zoals de andere Theo al schreef, is dat prima spul voor als het al te laat is. Vooraf een balsam gebruiken werkt (bijna) preventief. Ik schrijf bijna tussen haakjes, want Robert L. schreef al dat hij het op die manier alleen maar zo lang mogelijk kan uitstellen. Uiteindelijk gebeurt het toch een keer …. De beste manier lijkt me om de schaamstreek zo droog mogelijk te houden en geen lichaamsdelen langs elkaar heen te laten schuren ….. Ik ben toch nog redelijk naar huis kunnen fietsen, door om de zoveel klometer even de geïrriteerde plekken met wat speeksel in te smeren. Een advies dat ik vroeger als klein jongetje van m’n Vader kreeg. “Heij altied biej oe en wat goed is veur de mond is’t ok veur de wond.”
      Helaas kun je niet af en toe even op je trappers gaan staan in een velomobiel en je knieën kunnen ook niet te ver uit elkaar tussen de wielkasten, ouder wordende velomobilisten zullen zich moeten behelpen met smeermiddelen. En nu heb ik de neiging om woordgrapjes te maken over dildo’s en sensilube …. (sorry).


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