I wanted to be a drummer …

… when I first heard Pink Floyd . That was 40 years ago. Other boys of my age were playing with a guitar (to impress the girls), but I wanted to be a drummer. Never had the money to buy  the instruments and never had the guts nor discipline to have lessons.

Today, for the first time in my life, I saw this video “One of these days” from Pink Floyd “Life at Pompeï”.  Now in a new version; remastered and in High Definition !

And I immediately knew why I always wanted to be a drummer and not the leading guitar player or even the front singer of a band.

Nick Mason , thanks for the inspiration and sorry for my failure .

When you’re planning to watch this video and feel the seventies again, then smoke some homegrown weed, pour yourself a large cup of hot tea, send everyone out of the house and then turn up the volume to the max ….