A lot of snow fell yesterday in the evening. That is always a nice hobby-time for velonauts !   So I made a short impression on video of my commute…

Unfortunately I had to climb out of my Quest a few times, to lift it over a few snow banks. During one of these exercises I probably lost my spectacles and after the last one  my SRAM X9 derailleur didn’t function properly.

First I thought the trouble was due to the freezing cold and decided to walk the last kilometers. But now (thanks to my girlfriend I’m able to work on my Quest inside our warm livingroom 😉  ) I found out that the cage broke ……

quest kapot 1

quest kapot

8 thoughts on “Snow

  1. The weather was great today! I had a blast driving in the snow for the first time. Too bad you had a breakage. I only had a cold back because I suddenly was driving in 30cm snow with my Hase Kettwiesel…

  2. Hallo Wim, Ik volg altijd je altijd ! Je bent okay! En je maakt er wat van!!
    All the best. Met Liefde Henk

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