What would you do ?

I was on my way to downtown Vlissingen, to visit the festivities on Liberation Day. Then I found out I had to pass road blocks to get there ……

I don’t know why I hate this kind of situations so much. Maybe it’s just because I’m Dutch and stubborn. In my view all the guards in their “uniforms” don’t have any clue what they are doing. I asked one of them why I was not allowed to walk in my own city without being checked. He said ; “We have to do this, it’s for your own safety”.  They even checked some perambulators …. 

 They are the same shitheads as these guys …..”Just doing their job”.


70 years ago, there were only a few who didn’t compromise.

I turned around and went back home …. they can leave the festivities in their asshole ! 

What would you do ?

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  1. I’m in doubt Wim about what I would’ve done. Probably would have gone on to visit the festivities; listen to good music, have a beer, meet some friends. I understand your feelings, but now you have let it (“them”) ruin your day, and that’s not worth it. It is stupid to be searched, I fully agree, but they think they are doing it for a good cause…


    1. Hielke, I think your arguments are okay, but because the festivities were organised to remember the Freedom we have in this country. Therefore the reason to use roadblocks is insane.
      It’s like organising a dinner for vegetarians and forcing the guests to have meat at the entrance before they can take place at the dining-table …
      Maybe you remember a little book written by Geert Mak called “Gedoemd tot kwetsbaarheid” ISBN 90 450 158a7 , in which he describes the “trade in fear”. I can highly recommend it !
      And then there is the moment in wich “a man has got to do what a man has got to do”. Among our forefathers were men who drew their line at some point. The first one of them was probably called stupid, but his followers are now seen as heroes.

      We all draw our own line; that’s why I asked “What would you do ?” , just to make people think about it 😉


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