first ride in my Quest-velomobile since a long, long time …

The weather was nice today.

That’s why I decided to take my velomobile out of the cobwebs and see what it takes to get it “up and running”.

The fastest way is to pump up the tires, get in the velomobile and cycle around Walcheren.

and then see what’s going wrong ….


I still have one of the early versions of the tour hood.


it is a divisible hood that fits in the tail of the velomobile


used for years … and it can be seen … or rather, I see nothing because of all the scratches on the lexan screen.


Today I cycled without hood, convertible!


On the way, I made a few photos of a typical Zeeland scene on a typical Zeeland road … near Oostkapelle. Because of the predominantly westerly wind, it seems that all trees point to the East. Would they be religious?




Too bad I’ve lost my recumbent muscles.

After 5 years I will have to train and develop them again.