I now have a different employer …

Last month I realized that despite the medication I continued to have high blood pressure. At the same time, I also experienced the disadvantages of this medication (side effects).
So I decided to use the best medicine I used before in my life … CYCLING !
For that I had to make a rigorous decision … to quit my job in Pernis (100 km) and find work that is within cycling distance from where I live.

driving in typical Dutch rainshowers

Through LinkedIn, I discovered that during the work of dismantling the old Hoechst / ThermPhos factories a vacancy had arisen that I could fill …
The first question I was asked was “what salary do you want?” Well, it seemed that the salary corresponded with that of shift supervisor. So now I am back where I have worked for 32 years … but now I am helping to dismantle and clean up neatly and responsibly.
And more importantly: I can cycle to work again! My medication has halved and my blood pressure remains at a healthy level!

So I dived into my bike shed, removed all the cobwebs, removed the mouse nests and oiled all the moving parts again … hoping that would be enough!

You can safely put a Quest away for 6 years … then you can use the bike again quickly … but because I pedalled too heavily, with too high a resistance, the clamps of the bottom bracket broke … exactly on the day, that velomobiel.nl closed the business due to holidays!

But Mark Waters read my blog post and decided to be my Guardian Angel ! He asked me if he should send his spare set (improved model) … I kindly accepted his help and became convinced that there are still friendly, selfless people in the world!

photo made by Mark Waters

As soon as the people from velomobiel.nl were back from their vacation, I ordered two spare sets: one for Mark and one for myself. A very good and fast service!

Now I’m testing the exact position of the bracket … A precise piece of work that has not been cleared after a few kilometres or a day … The correct position is only definitive if it still proves to be “good” even after a journey of several hundred kilometres.

I also renewed the twister-grip of my shifters … that is something that gets older after six years in a shed … it started to feel like “drop” (the typically Dutch liquorice). The next video helped me a lot with this simple task …

And of course, I needed new batteries … these will age (maybe faster) if you don’t use them!

So, all I have to do now is … go to work with my velomobile ! And hopefully I can stop with the medication.

For the results, see Ride with GPS

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2 thoughts on “I now have a different employer …

  1. Glad to hear you have reduced your carbon footprint and improved your health , these two go hand-in-hand in my experience.
    I hope you’ve got a broad ‘cycling smile’ when out too!
    All the best.

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