Cycling ancesters

I think my father (standing right) is about 18 years old when this photo was made… so the photo is about 100 years old!

The photo fades away, I tried to get a bit more contrast in it. Nothing is eternal … My father apparently had a nice luxury bike!

But my grandfather was already driving around in the 1940s / 50s in a kind of 4-wheeled velomobile that looked very much like a car … He had it made because he couldn’t get a driver’s license. The “velomobile” did have pedal assistance and was regularly used from Vorden to Zutphen vice versa, to visit family.

I am still servicing my velomobile …

Cycling, more people should do that …

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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

2 thoughts on “Cycling ancesters

  1. I remember when you first got your Velomobile or should I say, when I first saw it on Youtube. I watched your videos over and over. It was another 2 years before I finally got my first Quest. 10 years ago last November 20th. Buying a Velomobile was the nicest thing that I have ever done for myself.
    You were a great inspiration to me.
    I have just finished watching your video from Oliebollentocht 2007 VEOH. Still one of my all time favorites.
    Many Thanks

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