my velomobile history …

For years I’ve used a velomobile for my commute. I had a good condition although I was a heavy smoker and used to smoke even while cycling.
In November 2013 I quit my job at the Thermphos-site and had to use a car, for my employers were not accessible by bicycle or the distance was way too far from home.
My cycling-muscles disappeared slowly and fat belly grew … my character changed … I became a “white-van-man” in my car when I drove 100 kilometres between Vlissingen and Pernis. After 4 years my blood-pressure was much too high; normally I shouldn’t drive a car in that situation. So a year ago I decided to quit my well-payed job in Pernis and take any job at a “cycling distance” from my hometown Vlissingen. It turned out to be a job at the former Thermphos-site which had to be demolished. Low-payed, but at “cycling distance”!
My fatty belly disappeared and some of the muscles became stronger just by commuting with my velomobile. My blood pressure is normal again, thanks to some medicine …
Unfortunately, my current job is finished because the goal (cleaning all dangerous elemental phosphorus) is reached much earlier then I expected. So I’m looking for a “new challenge” now.

My cycling history can be seen at the velomobile site :

I started with Quest 215 in 2007 and continued in 2011 with carbon Quest 552. Because I hardly cycled from 2014 to 2019, my “average cycling distance per month” has dropped enormously.

I wonder if my old Quest 215 is still cycling somewhere … in 2018 it seems to have been used in Lille (Belgium)

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