Another big advantage of a velomobile; Protection!

When we see a velomobile, everyone immediately thinks of a reduction in air resistance and therefore high speeds …

But yesterday, for the second time in my velomobile years, I had to experience being hit by a motorist. And I was also well protected by the streamline for the second time.

Tribute to the designers of Quest 552 (!

The incident took place between Zoutelande and Westkapelle at the driveway to camping Janse.

I cycled with my bright red velomobile about 20 meters behind another cyclist on the cycle path in the direction of Westkapelle. We drove about 30 km / h. A motorist was waiting at the campsite exit and clearly gave the cyclist right of way. Because I was driving right behind it I assumed that he must have seen me too … I saw his car clearly … there is only a thin lamp post, no bushes, no high grass, no bushes between the exit and the bike lane …

Immediately after the cyclist had passed, the car quickly drove ahead, just as I passed the exit …

I suspect the collision has two causes.

  • The style between the windshield and right-hand door has expanded over the years in more modern cars and takes away much of the view for the driver.
  • There are still far too few velomobiles so that they are seen, but motorists do not perceive them. Motorcyclists often experience the same problem. It is a matter of awareness

For a long time there has been a video that makes it clear … it’s about awareness

My velomobile was hit on the left side where the back of the wheel arch is attached to the wall.

Then the rear of the bicycle was pushed away, causing the rear wheel to slide over the road.

The entire left wall of the velomobile was pushed in considerably for a short time, but also immediately popped back into its original shape.

The flexibility of the side wall ensures that the impact of the punch is greatly reduced. Without this flexibility, the velomobile would have flown like a football to the other side of the road. Now my velomobile felt like a soft leather ball that even Lionel Messi can’t get speed in …

Unfortunately, where the wheel arch is attached to the outer wall, the wheel arch has been torn open.

Fortunately, I was unharmed myself. I’m just a little shocked.
The man in the car was more shocked. He was very friendly. We exchanged names and addresses and did not blame each other. He confessed that he had not “seen” me and he has already notified his insurance.

Now I am thinking about what to do with the damage. More on that next week. Fortunately, despite the damage, it is still good to cycle with the velomobile.

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One thought on “Another big advantage of a velomobile; Protection!

  1. Not not being seen, not paying attention of the motorist.
    It’s not only by velomobiles or recumbents. Motororist are used to see cars. The whole road is designed for car’s meeting cars. You are trained to forget there are more users of the road.
    When a cyclepath is crossing a sideway motorist have more attention for a gap between cars on the main road then for incidental traffic on the cyclepath. Nothing to do about it. Drive no faster then your protection angle can fly I use to say.
    Been there done that. My velomobile was after a simelar hit with a car 2 cm less with. I live to tell about it like you. Feet first is alway safer.

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