Espressomanden Ole

In this post on the superb I saw the ideal combination of my two most important pastimes. Cycling and Coffee break ! “The City of Copenhagen has recently eased up on restrictions on street vending and, generally, outdoor business. In order to create more life on the streets it … Continue Reading Espressomanden Ole


Kreuzotter is online again ! has updated their site completly .

10.000 kilometers

Today I made a short trip with my velomobile to pass the 10.000 kilometer on my ODO ! I started commuting with my velomobile in the last week of October 2007, so I do about 1000 kilometers each month. see the velomobile-riders list at

Leonard Cohen

Yesterday we’ve been to a concert that Leonard Cohen gave in Amsterdam. A few months ago his manager took all his money, so he had to go touring for some income and to see the smile of his fan’s again. see the videos below (and watch his resemblance with Ronald … Continue Reading Leonard Cohen