Poblat medieval de Llagunes

We have visited this beautiful place on our journey through the Mountains of the Catalan Pyrenees. If you are interested in the history of the harsh mountain life that has made the Catalans the proud independent people of today … then this place is worth a visit. A lot has been researched and everything isContinue reading “Poblat medieval de Llagunes”

Jánovas revisited

We were in Jánovas before, but it made such an intense impression that we wanted to go there again to see the progress of the restorations. All current information can be found on this site. A few streets have common facilities such as water, electricity and sewerage. They are also nicely sealed with a provisionalContinue reading “Jánovas revisited”

changing lenses …

I woke up early and together with the rising sun I saw the moon disappearing behind the mountain top…. I had to change lenses … ultra-wide to tele-lens … took a few seconds … no time to get the tripod …  but I like the result … earth and moon … same material, different situation.Continue reading “changing lenses …”