Bike helmet

Ingrid Borger took this photo of me in my Quest during Ride for the Roses.

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  1. I just want to live a wonderful life, with all fantastic, dangerous, exiting and boring moments that belong to it.
    I am not on this earth just to protect my body against possible dangers nor to oblige you to protect yours …..
    Unfortunately the organisation of the Ride for the Roses required everybody to wear a helmet. Although we all know that these bike-helmets are only designed for speeds under 25 km/h, they lacked to forbid speeds higher than 25 km/h 😉
    If head protection is really important, it would be reasonable to require motor-helmets because most cyclists had a maximum of 45 km/h.

    So please don’t see the helmet as a “message”. I was forced to use it. Normally I do all the bad things; smoking, working, drinking lots of coffee, eating candy’s, biking, driving cars, living life !


  2. I have been a life long helmet wearer but on my Quest I have a Flevobike roof and it won’t work with the helmet so it has come off.


  3. Oops. I have to clarify my above comment. The helmet came off. I ride in all conditions and find the roof to be essential.


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