paastreffen (eastermeeting) 2009

3 days camping with recumbent cyclists on the Veluwe !

There was a campfire. Shutter-speed was 13 seconds, so you can’t recognize anyone 😉

A crash of recumbents. We had to make a group-photo, and this was the result. You can recognize us by our recumbents 😉

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  1. Hey Wim,

    I met Jack Dekker at the Special Bikes Show in Germersheim last weekend. He invited me to hold a lecture at the Cycle Vision in July and on the campsite page I’ve seen that you’ll be there, too. 🙂

    See you then!


    1. I’m sure it will be an interesting presentation/lecture !
      Wish Rob Thomson could be there too ………..
      You both are very inspiring guys for recumbent cyclist!

      See you !


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