Easter-meeting 2010

Hello, good people who read this blog !

Last weekend I went to the Easter-meeting for recumbents at Camping Harskamperdennen. It was a 230 km. ride on Friday with lots of clouds, but no rain. On Sunday I had several rain-showers on the same route back home.

For people with GPS who are curious what route I took between Vlissingen and Harskamp; I have uploaded a .gpx file of the track in The Box (in the lowest widget on the right side of this blog).

The first photos are here, a short video will be on this blog when I have found some time ………. Click on the photo for a short slide show !


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One thought on “Easter-meeting 2010

  1. Looks like great fun.

    I look forward to seeing the video.

    I like the way that the Quest was carrying the Flevobike Roof.




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