Quest 215 …

… has a new owner !  Johan T. will give the velomobile a good check up and the necessary maintenance. He told me that he planned to ride it until he feels that he is experienced enough, before he’ll paint it yellow. 

I’m 55 years old and learned a lot in my life; but I keep getting that nasty feeling that I’ve done something wrong, when I exchange a beautiful velomobile with some coloured paper. With the financial crisis in mind; will it have the same value tomorrow ? Or is it already gone down while reading this post ? 

For me it’s just coloured paper.

What’s more important is the ride home with my new Quest (don’t know it’s number yet) tomorrow ! The new Carbon-Quest costs half as much coloured paper as the second-hand (seven-year old) camper we bought yesterday ! So now you have something to puzzle ……….      😉

Which one is expensive or which one is cheap ? What do you think …

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