40.000 km.

A young German  guy visited us. He took his bicycle with him. Not the way as Germans usually do,  with their bicycles on the top of a large car,………. No, he did it by actually pedalling !   And not as usual, by crossing the German-Dutch boarder,……….. no he first cycled to China, through Australia andContinue reading “40.000 km.”

Ride for the Roses

Yesterday I went to Goes, from where the Ride for the Roses was organised. 14,000 riders were joining this ride, and about 9000 of them did 100 kilometers. There were just 2 velomobiles. Pieter used his Alleweder A3 V24 and I was there with my Quest. Some guys do a pre-ride ; this year theyContinue reading “Ride for the Roses”