Eastermeeting 2008

During Easter I went to the “Harskamperdennen”, a camping at the Veluwe where a lot of other recumbent cyclists were together for three nights. This year it was freezing cold and the weatherforecast said there would be snow-showers…….. We were lucky, because at the times we planned a visit to the museum on Saturday andContinue reading “Eastermeeting 2008”

fabulous people

We live in a world of economics. Everything is expressed in money. Even the time I watch television is of some worth to the advertising company’s. The medical health care, the lack of space on high ways during peak-hour, the seconds that it takes to prepare a McDonalds-menu, here in the Netherlands there even existsContinue reading “fabulous people”

Shimano sandal with cleat

Today I bought these sandals. I only heard positive things about these sandals in velomobiles by users.  So now I can find out myself….. I have thought of the simple idea to make something like Gary did…….. ……but when I realized that Rob Thomson already tested the Shimano sandels to the extreme on his travelsContinue reading “Shimano sandal with cleat”

Dutch infrastructure for cyclists.

People who are curious to see how the dutch infrastructure for bicycle-paths looks like, can have a look at this video. The video is 25 minutes long. In the video you see all different kinds of roads and cycling paths situated in the northern part of the Netherlands (Groningen). Some recumbent-riders have formed an email-groupContinue reading “Dutch infrastructure for cyclists.”