Harold has a Mercedes with a star in the grill. The next video shows that old lady’s are not impressed by such expensive cars. See where the weakest spot is, so you can use this tactic the next time. So Harold, this is a warning ; be polite to pedestrians … Continue Reading Mercedes

cycling in the Netherlands

” cycling in the Netherlands” is a pdf-file with lots of info about cycling in the Netherlands. It is a simple but sometimes patriotic brochure about the situation in the Netherlands.

Latin lesson

Years ago I saw “the life of Brian”. I didn’t understand some scenes. Because I found this one back on You Tube, together with the text, I like to share it with you all. This is humor of all times !!!!!!!!!! CENTURION: What’s this, then? ‘Romanes Eunt Domus’? ‘People called … Continue Reading Latin lesson