RAAM (race across America)

Some people asked me where to find the old promo-video for RAAM out of 2004. They wanted to see the awefull movie again ! Well you can find it here. And all the other info for RAAM is here.

Snow in Vlissingen

It’s snowing in Vlissingen. There has been sprinkled a lot of salt on the roads. Without those actions it would be impossible for cardrivers to keep driving, but the salt is ruining the bike-stuff, like the chain and the derailleur. Not to mention what salt does to the aluminium wheels. … Continue Reading Snow in Vlissingen

my commute

I took my photo-camera and made some video’s during my commute. It is 25 kilometers (one-way) and the weather was bright sunny .

Ice Bike Races

This video is on youtube. I was amazed how many imagination there is for designing ice bikes ! There is no market for commercial products, so everybody is just creating some kind of ice bike and is having a lot of fun. Thank you Mary Arneson for making this video … Continue Reading Ice Bike Races