market failure !

The science tells us that GHG emissions are an externality; in other words, our emissions affect the lives of others. When people do not pay for the consequences of their actions we have market failure. This is the greatest market failure the world has seen. – former World Bank chief … Continue Reading market failure !

back in time

When I saw this video on Youtube, I was back in the sixties for about half an hour. I replayed the video about 5 times. It was my dog, barking to the postman, that got me into 2006 again. As a young boy I wasn’t influenced by any drug, but … Continue Reading back in time

leaking gasked

I bought an old Citroên AX for my daughters. Unfortunately the cylinderhead gasked was leaking. Therefore I could by the car for a friendly price, but had to renew the gasked and flatten the cylinderhead. Now the girls are making routine when driving to festivals in Antwerp and Köln. I … Continue Reading leaking gasked