Latin lesson

Years ago I saw “the life of Brian”. I didn’t understand some scenes. Because I found this one back on You Tube, together with the text, I like to share it with you all. This is humor of all times !!!!!!!!!! CENTURION: What’s this, then? ‘Romanes Eunt Domus’? ‘People called … Continue Reading Latin lesson

Peregrine (falcon)

Every year the nest of these falcons is used. The nest is created in Mortel in Noord-Brabant. With a webcam and a livestream we all can watch the daily live of these falcons. See here !


A brief history of America made by Michael Moore. The shooting kid in school reminded me of this short video.


A colleague , Peter Stroo, seems to look at this blog a lot of times. Special for him the next video, full of fishermen, fish and seawater (all the elements they love in Arnemuiden);