Johan Berend Willem

Johan Berend Willem Harwig is my brother. He is  mentally handicapped and living near Ermelo in the Netherlands. I visited him yesterday and made a short video. Just for all the family living all around the world and therefore not able to visit him.

Snow in Portland

I think that people in Portland are not used to snowy conditions. It is clear that cyclists are not safe on the streets when these drivers are in their car.


A short video of our back garden in the storm today. The trees in our neighbour’s garden are a great defence against the storms coming from the south-west . Rea and Mo had to stay inside and were looking through the window.

VK 2

I think that this movie gives a good expression of the feeling I get on my recumbent. Unfortunately I do not own a videocamera to make my own movies, but if I had one it would look the same.