very small dick

I was cycling in my Quest in the neighbourhood of Arnemuiden on a cycling path next of the main road, when I saw a large 4WD-car in the rear view mirror slowing down. When he was driving next to me, he steered his right wheels through a muddy pool between the main road and the cycling path, so I got the shit all over me and my Quest.

I shouted some words that my father tought me a long time ago and thought about the saying “the larger his car the smaller his dick”.

I couldn’t read the license plate because of all the mud on my sunglasses, but I’m quite sure he drove into the village of Arnemuiden. I tried to find him there but I was unlucky ……….

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  1. What an ass-h*le… It’s about the same as the picture below (first three). That was last year’s Herfsttreffen. A (women) driver was overtaking us and was almost driving NEXT to the road instead of one wheel on the side. An there was a big puddle with mud which the two velonauts got covered in. Luckely I was driving a bit further to the back with my green Nazca Fuego.

    By the way, I have a very small car, does that mean… 😉


  2. That’s BULLSH*T!

    Here I was thinking all the A$$ H*LES were in America.

    Hmmm Time to call out the Velonaut Militia and hut down the little dick S.O.B


    1. The “oliebollentocht ” will be organised on 28 December 2010. Then there will be more than 100 velonauts with their velomobiles !
      I will make a suggestion for a “velonaut-militia then ……;-)


  3. Hmm… I recall seeing someone post a photo and approximate location on Flickr of the pickup that did something similar to him. That guy ended up being very sorry as I recall.

    I once took a photo of a car which had just swerved towards a cyclist to scare them. I posted it on Flickr. You could see the licence plate. I got no feedback, but maybe that guy did!

    Keep your camera ready folks. This is the age of the Internet and we’re not going to take that kind of shit sitting down… well, maybe if we ride recumbents… but you’re going to get your payback either way!

    Davis, CA, USA


    1. One of the advantages of the velomobile is that I got only some mud on my sunglasses, all my cycling clothes stayed clean.
      I plan to leave the velomobile uncleaned, because somehow I like the look 😉 and the glass-fiber doesn’t mind some mud …..


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