Top half is off …

The top is off so that I can easily reach everything inside the Quest-body. I clearly notice that my own body is now 64 years old and the flexibility has disappeared in recent years. The small openings in Quest 552 are such that I have to choose; either see through it, or put one arm through it. So when I am working I cannot see what I am doing at the same time. It has to be done by feeling. To increase the fun, has always used different key sizes; wrench size 7 and 8 are mixed up …

It took me 4 hours to carefully cut away the sealant with a knife. It did help when Theo advised me to use a little oil while cutting. But because 40 years ago I once slipped with a Stanley knife and I got a cut almost on the bone, I have become extra careful with sharp knives.

One of the many reasons to remove the top is because the mounting of the headlights had come loose. Maybe it was not a good idea to use two-component glue in a place that is so difficult to reach.
In Scandinavia, there is a saying: “If something is called maintenance-free, it means you cannot repair it.”

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too old to die young, but still making love and not war

4 thoughts on “Top half is off …

    1. It’s too expensive for me right now, while I still feel healthy … maybe when I get older (and slower and wiser) … Here in the Netherlands we hardly have hills where a motor would be a help.
      But thanks for the advice !


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